Monday, June 16, 2008

What's This All About?

In the midst of a talk this morning on the cry of the human heart for love, acclaimed author and speaker Christopher West alluded to his deep affection for Rock and Roll. He said this music was a direct result of the so-called sexual revolution of the 60's. In its passionate cry, it is seeking to unite the deep desires of our hearts with an "everlasting love." Too often, rather than lift up the human heart and direct Eros to its proper end (God, the source of Love), the music falls short and stumbles into a misdirected and often fatalistic lust. Can any one person ever fully satisfy a heart made for the infinite?

Even when we fall short, the echo of love is still there. In the immortal words of the band Extreme "There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you!" Deep within us, the desire for a love that truly satisfies lingers, and more, cries out for a "forever love" ... So the Mick Jaggers, the Springsteens, the Bonos of the world are like "Twisted Mystics" (in the words of Christopher West). They can teach us so much, if we simply unravel their songs, or "tweek" them just a bit.

This blog is dedicated to that music, to the songs that reach for the stars! The Theology of the Body is that helper, reaching out to us, to lift up our heads.... and in these desires for truth and love, already we can see "our redemption is near at hand."


  1. Thank you for this Blog. AWESOME...Finally bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh!

  2. Our pleasure! Thanks for the feedback.